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Cape Cod Witch Balls


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Cape Cod Witch Balls Made in Oldest Glass blowing Factory in The USA  Pairpoint Glass Blowing

Dating back to the 18th century, hollow glass balls have been hung to ward off witch’s spells and evil spirits. Legend has it that the evil spirit is attracted to these colorful balls, pulled inside, and trapped within the glass web protecting the home from harm. It is told on Cape Cod, that fishermen have used these mesmerizing balls in their nets to ward off evil spirits on the high seas.

Made in three different sizes. These are hollow glass balls with glass inclusions (webs) made inside the balls. Legend has it that these webs will attract and hold all unwanted thoughts and spirits. These are a must for all households.

3″ Diameter  $29.35 Best Selling Color  Amethyst, Pink and Blue




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