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Stove Top Cutting Board




Gowanus Furniture Company Knows small spaces and is building Solutions for Apartments and Not Just in Brooklyn New York

Culver Stove top Cutting Board This board rests on 4 pieces of high-temperature silicone so you can rest it on top of your stove top (turned off, of course) and the board won’t wobble, shift, or teeter, or totter. There’s never enough counter space, and this board makes an instant sturdy work surface. Mounts on the wall when not in use.

Instant counter space – it fits on your stove with high-temp silicone feet.    $99

20″ x 8 3/4″ x 1 1/4″, hard maple, walnut, cherry.

Perfect for a compact kitchen. This cutting board sits on your stove, and can hang on the wall for storage (hardware included). It has high-temp silicone feet that won’t melt like regular plastic feet. Sturdy on any surface too and will neither teeter nor totter.

We cast the feet ourselves, and they’re really neat, but do turn the stove off, of course. The feet won’t melt, but the wood will burn.

These cutting boards are also rather pretty as well. Each design is unique and each board is tagged with the signature Gowanus Furniture Co.


  • Culver Stovetop Cutting Board
  • Culver Stovetop Cutting Board


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