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Organic Wooden Serving Bowls


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Organic Wooden Serving Bowls

After carefully growing or selectively buying your organic vegetables, don’t they deserve a quality wooden serving bowl like these wooden cherry bowls?

Beautiful hand made wooden bowls are perfect for side dishes on any Sunday supper table or at any holiday feast. Home made cranberry relish looks beautiful, as does salsa.

Put this pair on the table as dinner plates/bowls ( 9.5″ wide and 2.5″ deep).    Salad for dinner?   Pasta ~ Chili  ~ Rice and Beans.  Your rustic dinner will taste better when served up in a good-looking bowl.   Hand made bowls for comfort food.

Food safe organic wooden bowls are easy to maintain.  Hand wash in soapy water, air dry.


wooden serving bowls

Matched Pair
Serving Bowls ~ Salads ~Chili

A matched pair of solid wood 9.5″ in diameter.  Cherry bowls are perfect side dish serving bowls for everyday and holiday tables.   2 bowls $49.22

A note of caution: Are you still using bamboo, a favorite plate from Asia, or a stoneware bowl made in a small pottery studio  that has a decal or was made before 2002?  These may not be food-safe. Lead, glues, stains, paint, and fillers were common additions, and unfortunately much of what was sold years ago was marked ‘not for use with food’ with a paper label.  So admire these as decorative objects, but please do not use for preparing or serving food.

Buyer Beware:  If the price of that bamboo product is just too good to be true, then chances are good that the bamboo was not responsibly harvested or manufactured.  Bamboo is a fast growing grass and makes an attractive durable product, but please be aware of what you may be really buying under the guise of “eco-friendly.”



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