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Large Wooden Salad Bowl Stand


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Large Wooden Salad Bowl Stand

Not just for the Caesar Salad bowl! This stand will hold your wooden bowl whether it’s 15 inches, 17 inches or 19 inches in diameter.    Same design since 1983.  Never a complaint.

No one knows more about large wood bowls than the folks at New Hampshire Bowl and Board. This wood bowl stand will handle any large salad bowl and turn it into a show stealer.

The Bowl Man at New Hampshire Bowl and Board knows just about everything there is to know about Caesar Salad and the bowls that compliment your salad making skills.

Salad as a main course for dinner seems to be a growing trend.   Salad bowls big enought for to handle dinner have gotten so big they simply do not fit on tables, so make way with this salad stand.  And it neatly folds away when not in use – or leave your bowl on display in a corner.

The bowl stand is shown with a 14-inch traditional salad bowl in solid cherry.  Best selling paddle salad servers $24.00.

The Bowl Stand is shown with a 9.5-inch cherry bowl  $24.00.   Perfect for Pasta too!

wooden salad bowl stand

More Table Space
Bigger Salads

More room at the table with this traditional large wood Caesar Salad Bowl Stand.

Typically you can’t find a Bamboo bowl larger than 13-inches.  Questions concerning large salad bowls or stands?  Give a call 603-648-9566.

Buy responsibly. Buy local made and keep locals working.


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