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Membership Benefits

Locally made in the USA Membership Benefits local made

We Know just How tough it is to grow your Local Business. Local made is working on a set of to

Benefits for Local Made Producers   Questions call or write  Paul 603 648 9566

 Some of the benefits that all local Made  members receive are:

  • LICENSE TO USE THE “Local Made in the USA” Logo in your own advertising, marketing and promotional materials. This logo helps distinguish your product or service from others in the marketplace and provide a “value added” message to the purchaser.
  • FULL-PAGE LISTING ON with plenty of room for text, a photo or logo, and a free direct link to your own business web site. Check out cart for your 8 best selling products services or gifts.
  • ACCESS TO WEEKLY E-NEWSLETTER that provides timely information about upcoming events, joint marketing and cooperative buying opportunities, business workshops and seminars, items to buy and sell, employment openings, resources for locating answers to specific business questions and referrals for specific business services.
  • MEMBERS-ONLY DISCOUNTS on UPS shipping, media advertising, workshops, seminars and more plus opportunities to place bulk orders with other members on a variety of items to reduce costs.
  • OPPORTUNITY TO Display PRODUCTS OR DISPLAY BROCHURES AT National trade shows in the Local Made in The USA Booth
  • OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE BUSINESS INCLUDED IN MEDIA STORIES pitched by Locally made in the USA to editors and producers of newspapers, magazines, and radio and television outlets.
  • CENTRALIZED BUSINESS INFORMATION RESOURCE for locating business support services, getting referrals for business consultants, finding co-operative marketing opportunities and more to help your business grow.
  • OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN VARIETY OF PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES created by local made in the USA coupon programs, display opportunities at Trade Shows business conferences and consumer expos, workshop presentations at meetings and more.
  • Up Dates to increase web traffic to your local web site Page
  • Benefit from the cooperative effort of a larger keyword search website
  • Increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts using locally made in the USA tools
  • Maximize your advertising dollars with other local made partners
The Top 50 in each state also receives:
  • Exclusive representation on your State’s Travel Map
  • Featured advertising on local made homepage and across our site
  • Individualized Landing Page with Increased Search with the help of Local made SEO experts
  • Internal and External links to your website
  • National exposure at Trade Shows in the Local Made in the USA booth (additional  fees will may apply)
  • Increased organic traffic to your website with links from local made
  • Quarterly Analytic Report for your Landing Page sent to you from local made
  • Monthly and seasonal merchandizing campaigns to Target your customers with local made

Top 50 memberships are limited, and have exclusive visibility on our site.

Local Made in the USA defines a member destination in a state as an operation that presents to the public some aspect or feature of interest in its category and that provides visitors with an educational and pleasurable experience aside from one that is solely commercial.

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