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Membership Pricing

Local Made in the USA Membership Pricing  FREE until 2/01/13

Local Made is a 21 century retailer with Main street Locations in every Town Village and American city

24/7- 365 days a year @ cost that is less than 1 Craft show Booth or 4 day wholesale Show OPEN FOR BUSINESS

Whether you are a small craft producer, or a larger wholesale operation, we have a membership level for everyone. All of our members receive all the general benefits we offer.


“Crafter” Member   Local made member ship is Free until 2/01/13

Crafter is a business selling at craft shows and farmers markets, looking to grow. You are the sole producer with occasional family helping out seasonally.
Typically a Crafter is selling at craft shows and farmers markets seasonally. No employees, you are the sole producer (or with family helping out). You see an opportunity and want to take your craft to the next level. You are not yet producing collections or categories. Questions

  • Inclusion in our nationwide member directory of businesses
  • Increased search traffic for your business, brand and products
  • Advertise 24/7 on our website
  • Reduce spending on poor performing advertising
  • Analyze and track the performance of your brand
  • Target your efforts & receive better leads
  • And many more benefits

Price:  $159 / year

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“Wholesaler” Local Made Member  Free Membership until 2/1/13 questions

Have you out-grown the local retail market? You have to expand economically without doing more expensive shows. Retail affiliate store space is limited in your state. Do you have inventory, an existing website with few orders? Do you want to take your Business to the next level immediately? Are currently producing and selling at retail 10 or more items. You are ready to test product on a National website with more Analysis, Traffic and Support.

  • Inclusion in our nationwide member local made directory of businesses
  • High visibility for your full size landing page 24/7
  • Detailed Analytic reporting traffic to your page
  • Review & Analysis of keyword to improve search
  • And many more benefits

Price:  $299 / year

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“Top 50” Member    Free Membership until 2/1/13    Questions

You have earned national recognition for your years of hard work. You are a rare example of a multichannel business and we wish to create yet another portal for your success. We will want to sell your products on our web site using our exclusive map listing one of only 50 for your state with no similar company listed in your region.

  • Free Home page destination on our website
  • We will keep you informed now and as we grow
  • Homepage listing will include photos and 8-10 of your best selling items or collections
  • Drop ship and wholesale terms will apply, with consideration for this valuable exclusive Free Listing
  • After completing the application form we will contact you with questions and membership subject to our approval

Price:  $995
(exclusive selection by application only)

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If you have any questions about membership, we would love to answer them, please contact us today.