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Buy Local and Prevent THIS from happening!

It seems like we’re coming across press releases like this one more often these days:

112-year-old Pennsylvania apparel maker to close

How many domestic companies going out of business will it take before the American people realize we HAVE to start buying more of our every-day goods from local, made in America producers?

CEO Walter Meck said the reason for his USA apparel manufacturing demise was from “weak consumer spending, fresh competition from Asia.” Unfortunately, more and more of these apparel and footwear products are being imported from overseas.

97 percent of the 19 billion pieces of apparel sold in the United States last year were made somewhere else, primarily in China and other Asian nations

That is a very alarming statistic! It’s hard to believe only 3% of our apparel was made in our own country. I am a father to 3 children, and believe me – I know how easy it is to go to the big-box superstores and buy clothing and footwear for my children.  It saves me money, and the selection is larger.  But in the long run, I need to remember that that it is not going to save me (and our country) money if we continue in this trend, because it affects our economy when we opt to purchase imported goods all the time, as opposed to domestically produced goods.  But if we all can just start to transition some of our everyday purchases to made-in-America products, it will start to make a difference.

For your next purchase, consider seeking out a quality, American made alternative. You’ll be doing good for yourself, your community, and your country. Here are some ideas to get you started!

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