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About Local Made

About Local Made

Local Made is an old-school value system designed with 21st century tools.  We’d like to help you buy Made in the USA products and goods that deliver on the promise of value. You can make the best choices and buying decisions possible with your online shopping options.

Local Made is an exclusive retail shopping destination for folks like you who are looking for Made in the USA products, gifts, designs and services.  Here you can buy local made goods online, knowing our country handshake is backed by our “no questions asked” guaranty and return policy.

The allure of imported goods – bright, cheerful, inexpensive, discounted and cleverly marketed – is no secret.  There’s plenty of plastic and imports to be found in my house, kitchen and closets, so I know.

Every dollar spent locally – with local businesses and with local people – helps expand the local economy.  Buying American made expands our local markets, businesses and economies.  The local companies and craftspeople we are buy from are supporting their local schools and non-profit organizations.  They are employing local folks and contributing to the vibrancy of their local communities.

You’ve found your way here because you’re exploring the world of local made, delving deeper into the history and tradition of products, meeting the makers, and putting your locally earned dollars back to work in the American economy.

Local Made, LLC is a New Hampshire based company.  The proprietors feel fortunate to live surrounded by the rural beauty of northern New England.  But it wasn’t always so!   So whether you’re a city dweller, suburbanite or hail from farm country, we think you’ll find something to echo your values and enhance your life-style here!

If you’re a fan of a particular local made product, please send us details of your find.  We value suggestions from our visitors and customers.  We’re always happy to hear from you – whether you hail from Texas, the heartland or from Brooklyn – it’s all local made here!



Buy Local Made Gifts and Products and Keep Locals Working